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Japanese Glass Artist

Based on the Northern Beaches of Australia, maimai's work is inspired by our incredible beaches. The colours, shape, and feel all comes from the ocean.

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Made Locally

Everything is individually handmade with love.

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Made right here, on the Northern Beaches.

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Recycled Material

We try to use as much recycled material as we can.

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Shop Sustainable

Our glass straws & jewellery are made to be re-used.

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My glass art is inspired by the Australian fauna, especially by the ocean around the beaches, where I surf. 

I use various techniques for glass art including glassblowing and flame working. One of the main features of my glass art is that glass changes colours by absorbing or reflecting lights, especially jewellery made of silver glass, which shows more colour changes as if the glass is “alive”.

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Hi I'm maimai

I was born in Japan and I'm currently living on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney. I've been working on my business as a glass artist and designer since 2013. 


Help save our ocean by reducing single-use plastic!

Mai Mai glass aims to help reduce single-use plastic straws to save the beautiful ocean and sea animals.

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