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Meet maimai

Mai Akechi was born in Japan and is currently living in Sydney Australia. Mai has worked on her business as a glass artist and designer since 2013, then mainly working on a range of glass jewellery and sculptures since 2017. All her inspiration comes from the beautiful Australian nature, from the ocean & beaches around  Northern Beaches where she surfs.

In 2005 Mai completed her Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from Kurashiki University of Science which has helped her develop a firm foundation in the arts and making objects under the guidance and training of internationally renowned glass artists Toshio Iezumi and Akihiro Isogai. 

Mai gained a range of practical skills in flame working, cold working, glass blowing, kiln working and stained glass. Mai also acquired a qualification and certificate in Arts and learned to be a curator at the university. 

The Studio

I work from my little studio in coworking studio space, La Creme Creative Inc in Brookvale. All my jewellery, sculptures and straws are hand made locally. I try to use various types of glass such as Italian glass, recycled glass (Empty bottle and window glass) and Borosilicate glass (Pylex glass).

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