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Recycled Glass Jewellery

Although there are many different types of glass, only a few types of glass is recycled. I use glass bottles, such as wine or sake bottles, or window glass to make recycled jewellery.

Our earring hooks are all designed and handmade by us from recycled sterling silver manufactured in Sydney.

Made from Recyclable.png

Want to know more about how to recycle glass?

What is glass waste? 

Only glass bottles and jars can be placed into the glass recycling bin or co-mingled recycling bin. Drinking glasses, ceramics, plate glass window panels and oven-proof glass have a different melting temperature to glass bottle and. Cannot be recycled. 

What goes in the glass or co-mingled recycling bin?


  • Glass bottles ( brown, green and clear)

  • Glass Jars



  • Window or window screen glass

  • Drinking glasses 

  • Mirrors

  • Light globes & tubes

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